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Posted on Feb 24, 2017 in Labels & Ribbons, Product News


Zebra’s IQ Color adds up to three colors (plus standard black) to labels using any Zebra thermal printer. Use IQ Color on instructions in transportation and logistics for sorting, inventory management and shipping or in manufacturing to show quality control or work that is in progress.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose up to three colors and designate “zones” where you want your Zebra custom labels to be colored
  • Run the label through your Zebra thermal printer
  • Your thermal printer heat-activates the ink to make colors visible
  • Colors can be in the form of shapes, text, graphics or reverse images

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  1. Hello,
    We want to print GHS labels using Zebra and would like to be able to print the needed GHS Pictograms with red diamond borders. We are looking at pre-printed label stock that has 4 red diamonds and would print GHS pictograms inside the diamond. Problem is when the product needs less than 4 GHS pictograms… we end up with blank diamonds that need to be blacked out in some way.
    Would this IQ Color option allow to print only the needed red diamonds as well as a GHS pictrogram (in black) inside that red diamond?

    • Hi Dave!

      Yes, IQ Color can be used to accomplish this. You would have the pre-designated color boxes designed for the IQ Color label. Inside of those labels is simply normal direct thermal label which prints black. Your data that you are feeding into the label would need to trigger the printing of the colored border area and the pictogram. The IQ Color label itself is not considered a durable label since it is direct thermal, so an alternative option would be to look at the Epson Colorworks printers or Primera. Both allow for on-demand full color printing.

      Let us know what else we can do!

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