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Posted on Dec 12, 2016 in Labels & Ribbons, Product News, Solutions, Zebra Printer Supplies

Zebra Unleashes the 8000T Magnetic Tag

zebra-technologiesProductivity and efficiency are bellwether concepts for most companies, whether their business plays out across oceans or within smaller establishments. It’s essential that they select the correct tag for their specific application in order to ensure success of the application. Now companies can add the 8000T Magnetic Tag to the wide range of material options available to drive efficiency and productivity

The 8000T Magnetic Tag is a thermal transfer printable magnet with a number of advantageous features. At the top of the list are its smear-, scratch- and chemical-resistant properties, which we know are critical factors throughout manufacturing, T&L, healthcare, hospitality and retail markets, and are especially important in unique environments and extreme temperatures. The 8000T adheres best to iron, steel and other magnetic surfaces (it’s not meant to stick to stainless steel or aluminum) and boasts an expected exterior life of up to one year and longer depending on the environment.
Leverage the 8000T Magnetic Tag for work in progress and applications that require clean removability.  Your applications will also appreciate the performance and reliability of the 8000T Magnetic Tag for labeling on reusable totes, temporary racks and flex spaces.

Learn more about the advantages that the Zebra 8000T Magnetic Tag can create for you.   Contact Advanced Automation for pricing and sample material today!

Download the 8000T Magnetic Tag Data Sheet

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