New Release: Zebra MC2200/MC2700 Mobile Computer

Zebra MC2200/MC2700

Zebra's latest mobile computer will keep you from compromising.

One of the top pain points we hear from our customers is that the ratio of cost to value for technology purchases often means compromising on productivity, safety and security. Small to mid-size businesses in particular lament that they should be able to find cost-effective devices to assist with their operations without sacrificing features that matter. What’s more, they want flexibility of use to get the biggest bang for their buck.

And why shouldn’t they? Often companies market certain product features as special or enhanced in order to inflate end-consumer pricing. But the reality is their audience is simply shocked to find features for every day challenges are considered special.


New Release: The Zebra MC2200/MC2700

That’s why today, Advanced Automation is excited to talk about Zebra’s latest product release for the MC2200/MC2700 mobile computer (and answer to your warehouse woes). We love how this rugged, purpose-built and key-based mobile computer provides all the right features and backroom accessories, at the right price. As an industry leader in warehouse mobile technology, Zebra has a really versatile line of mobile computers that range from industrial class devices to shopping systems. But as far as getting the most features, the most flexibility, and the best value — we say that the MC2200/MC2700 mobile computers are where it’s at.

There’s a lot of value-based imitations flooding the market, but we think the new Zebra MC2200/MC2700 delivers on it’s promise of highly-featured and value-priced. Let’s look at how.


Feature-Packed Mobile Computer

Zebra’s entire line of mobile computers allow you to track inventory more efficiently and accurately, manage assembly line production more effectively, and improve shipment accuracy and speed product returns. But if you’re looking to get the most out of your mobile computer purchase, the MC2200/MC2700 will have your yearly budget shining and your team smiling. Loaded with features that make even the harshest environments look soft, Zebra’s latest mobile computer release comes packed with phenomenal out-of-the-box functionality and additional options that won’t break the bank.

Features that matter to you:

  • Rugged design
  • Integrated keypad and touch screen for easy transition to Android
  • WiFi and WiFi/cellular models to meet the needs of any work environment
  • A snap-on trigger handle to convert any mode to a gun-style design for intensive scanning tasks
  • Enterprise-class data capture
  • Options to support any application strategy
  • Mobility DNA


That’s just the standard stuff. Zebra decided that wasn’t good enough though, and also added the following as part of their latest release:

  • Zebra’s latest Android platform maximizes processing power for desktop-like app performance and provides support for the latest in wireless protocols, Android OX (10) and more
  • Zebra’s award winning Industrial Design team created a device with next-level comfort and ease-of-use — with or without the available integrated handle.
  • Converts to gun-style wear/use without impacting comfort or feature availability
  • Standard battery provides 16+ hours of power, and the extended battery nearly 24 hours of power


With the MC2200/MC2700 mobile computers, a single affordable device meets the needs of practically any worker in your operations. Which means you can finally get rid of the handful of devices you’re using to complete multiple tasks, complicating everything from purchasing to device management. Essentially, you’ll be able to do more with less with a choice of WiFi only or combination WiFi/cellular connectivity. The WiFi/cellular model is designed for workers out in the field, but is also perfect for areas where WiFi coverage is unpredictable, performance is less than ideal, or in areas where WiFi coverage would be expensive to deploy and maintain.

Flex your smart investment even further by turning your mobile computer into a gun-style device using the new snap-on handle, no tools required. You no longer have to worry about how many standard vs. gun-style models to purchase, because now you can turn any brick model into gun-style with a simple snap — with no compromise on ergonomics and balance, nor any features blocked!

The MC2200/MC2700 mobile computers are water-resistant, rustproof and can handle drops to concrete as well as snow, rain, heat and freezing cold. They’re built with a Corning Gorilla Glass display and scanner exit window that are shatter- and scratch-resistant. Add the high resolution optional 12 MP color camera to the list of features, and boom, you’ve captured proof of condition or delivery with no additional effort required of your workers.

It’s worth taking a look at the competition when it comes to purchasing an affordable mobile computer that can handle any tough environment. The good news is it’s pretty easy to skim the stats and see how Zebra rises above the competition:

Honeywell ScanPal EDA61K Seuic Q7 (S) Point Mobile PM550 CipherLab RK25
Honeywell only just committed to Android as their OS in 2017. By contrast, Zebra began investing in Android for the enterprise as early as 2011, and is the undisputed leader in enterprise Android. SEUIC has not announced any kind of software ecosystem for their Android products, providing little value beyond their hardware.
Less experience with Android

Less experience than Zebra in Android.
Honeywell’s Mobility Edge is seven years behind Zebra Mobility DNA — lightyears in terms of technology lifecycles. Q7 (S) ships with Android 7.1 with no mention of future support for additional versions. Point Mobile has not announced any kind of software ecosystem for their Android products, providing little value beyond hardware. CipherLab has not announced any kind of software ecosystem for their Android products. There’s little value beyond the hardware.
The EDA61K is currently shipping with Android 9.0 and only upgradeable to Android 10. Q7 (S) is based on a slower 1.4 GHz quad-core chipset.
PM550 ships with Android 7 with no mention of future support for additional versions.

RK25 ships with Android 7.0 or 9.0 with nomination of future support beyond 9.
The EDA61K is 38% heavier than the MC2200/MC2700, resulting in more user fatigue over the duration of a shift The smaller display is only 3.5-inch with a lower resolution (480×320). The PM550 is only offered in an integrated form factor, which is 66% heavier than the MC2200/MC2700, resulting in more user fatigue over the duration of a shift. There is no brick model available. RK25 is based on a slower 1.4 GHz quad-core chipset.
Honeywell’s computing platform is far less powerful 5 MP rear camera limits the ability to capture the detail needed for proof of condition, proof of compliance and more.
PM550 has a less powerful computing platform with it’s slower quad-core chipsets.

RK25 has a 4000 man battery and no option for an extended battery; it lacks fast charging support and smart batter metrics.
The EDA61K lacks support for 802.11r fast roaming and MU-MIMO, resulting in inferior WiFi speed, range and robustness. Also supports older and slower Bluetooth version. Q7 (S) lacks support for MU-MIMO, resulting in inferior WiFi speed and range. Supports an older and slower version of Bluetooth. The PM550 does NOT have a camera, making it impossible for workers to easily capture proof of condition, proof of compliance, and more. Less rugged than Zebra’s MC2200/MC2700, the RK25 has a lower tumble spec and does not specify temperature condition for drop spec; does not publish vibration or thermal shock specs.
Honeywell does not publish vitriol or thermal shock specks for EDA61K and lacks Gorillas Glass on touch panel and imager window. Does not publish vibration or thermal shock specs and there is no Gorilla Glass on touch panel or imager window.
Drop test is performed at room temperature; does not publish vibration or thermal shock specs.

The camera resolution for RK25 is only 8 MP.
  Brick only, no gun-style model or ability to convert to a gun-style via trigger handle accessory. Inferior wireless in speed and range. Supports older and slower version of Bluetooth. RK25 provides inferior WiFi speed and range. Supports an older and slower Bluetooth version.
Zebra MC2200/MC2700 Mobile Computer – The Competition



If you’re tired of paying more for less, this investment would be a wise change in your approach. The Zebra MC2200/MC2700 offer an awesome list of features that should come standard in a top-rated mobile computer. What’s more, Zebra’s Mobility DNA gives you powerful no-cost pre-loaded/pre-licensed tools ready to use, right out of the box — improving device security and manageability and enabling barcode capture and transmission to your apps.


Demo and Pricing

Keep in mind, if you have or plan to deploy other Zebra devices, everything is easier because Zebra devices share the same platform. Which means everything from technical support to enabling applications utilized on other Zebra devices are easier to manage.

Advanced Automation can help you navigate Zebra’s full suite of product and service offerings. For more information, request a demo or a quote today.

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