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Managing the time and temperature of your food and beverages is one of the most obvious, yet toughest challenges a business faces. In fact, 85% of restaurants’ food and safety product loss issues revolve around unmonitored time and temperature checks. Additionally, even though new digital sensors are more reliable, affordable, and accessible than ever before, less than 5% of restaurants are using continuous monitoring sensors to track temperatures. Your business is more susceptible to expensive product losses, breached food safety protocols, and falling behind your competitors without proper digital temperature monitoring sensors. 

Fortunately, Advanced Automation provides temperature monitoring and sensing solutions to ensure that your items aren’t exposed to extreme heat or cold. Enhance your business with portable, Bluetooth-enabled temperature sensors from Zebra and Temptime, for use in storage and shipments that monitor the environment of your temperature-sensitive products. 

  • Wireless temperature tracking
  • Superior mobile connectivity
  • Maximized data sharing 

Increase food and beverage visibility with Zebra’s Electronic Temperature Sensors

Zebra provides an easy-to-use, practical and cost effective solution for wireless temperature tracking. This includes scanners that are small enough to fit into almost any type of container or cooler and can be used to monitor cold chain performance for temperature-sensitive products. Zebra and Temptime’s S-400 wireless, portable sensor and the M-300 extended range sensors elevate safety and temperature tracking in your restaurant with specifications to:

  • Enhance data entry with a Bluetooth-enabled temperature sensorthat provides continuous temperature data logging and an internal sensor and memory for 16,000 data points. 
  • Simplify how to check temperature readings with wireless smartphone, tablet, or fixed gateway
  • Supply your workers with sustained reliability with up to 12 month battery life
  • Wireless access through packing materials, containers, and cold chain equipment
  • Light, compact design to easily fit in packaging
  • Line-of-sight sensing range up to 164 feet

Create a solution that furthers how your business monitors temperatures with the S-400. 

Tap into the future of temperature monitoring with Advanced Automation. Contact us today to find a solution that strengthens your food safety protocols. 

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