The Price is Right: Zebra TC21 and TC26 Handheld Computer

Zebra TC21/TC26

Zebra introduces the latest in affordable, value-priced touch mobility for small to mid-size businesses.

There’s no question — for many small and medium-sized businesses, making the leap from providing workers cheap mobile phones or even manual tools to high-end mobile touch devices can be costly and overwhelming. Change is hard, especially when you’re on a budget. The problem is, sacrificing business features for low device cost also sacrifices worker productivity. What’s more, you miss out on mobility’s productivity gains entirely. Ultimately, upgrading to mobile touch computers is a question of whether you want to pinch pennies in the short run, or play the long game by investing in devices that will provide huge savings at scale for years to come.

Enter Zebra’s Touch Computer portfolio, with two new models made specifically for value-priced, small-medium size businesses. If you are not keen on spending already budgeted-for dollars on the latest and greatest innovations in warehouse technology, but you know you need to make the switch to mobile touch devices, the Zebra TC21 and TC26 devices are made just for you.

Zebra’s touch computer portfolio is taking the business world by storm, and the new TC21 and TC26 models are a dream come true for small-medium size businesses. Especially if you need price checking, inventory lookup, proof of delivery, voice communications, or navigating and messaging.

In this post, Advanced Automation is sharing cost-effective benefits our customers can expect from the Zebra TC21 and TC26, including:

  • Durable, everyday business tools with a comprehensive set of features
  • Pick only the features you need, pay only for the features you need
  • They’re so much more than a mobile phone
  • More ways to capture more kinds of data
  • Guaranteed security every day your device is in service
  • Features designed with you in mind
  • The TC21/TC26 MOBILE COMPUTERS come with a comprehensive set of features that are sure to improve workforce productivity and task accuracy, reduce total cost of ownership and increase return on investment.


Zebra TC21/TC26 newest features include:

  • Ergonomic and smartphone-like, small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to multi-task in many use cases including Field Mobility, Retail, Ancillary Healthcare and Warehouse
  • 5” HD Display
  • 3 Scanning configurations
  • High capacity removable and rechargeable batteries designed to support both full shift and multi-shift operation
  • Integrated NFC
  • Android 10 OS at launch with the ability to support OS upgrades in the future
  • All new accessories with the TC21 and TC26
  • Extensive accessory eco-system, like single-slot cradles for charging and data communication, 5-slot cradles for large charging deployments, vehicle cradle, a field detachable trigger handle, holder, hand strap and arm mount for warehouse use cases.


Why pay for more than you need?

Is there anything worse than choosing between a product that has way more features than you’ll ever need and one that doesn’t have enough for you to make the investment? With Zebra TC21/TC26 class, you don’t have to choose, you don’t have to pay for features you don’t need, and you’ll have more options than any other device:

  • Choose WWAN/WLAN or WLAN only models
  • Customize your devices for the right level of scanning: scan intensive, light to moderate or none/occasional
  • Pick standard or extended batteries
  • Configure devices with the right amount of RAM/Flash memory to support your application needs, today and tomorrow


The bottom line? You can easily configure the perfect solution for your workers, application needs — and budget. It’s a win-win-win.


This is not your mother’s mobile phone

Value-priced touch mobility for small to mid-size businesses
It’s easy to assume that a mobile touch computer is just a ‘fancy mobile phone’…but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The WLAN TC21 and WLAN/WWAN TC26 offer value well beyond a simple mobile phone. Not to mention, the powerful complimentary Mobility DNA tools are pre-loaded and ready to use, making it easy to:

  • Get your devices up and running
  • Capture and send data to your apps
  • Keep your devices secure


If you also decide to consider the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise License, you can unlock additional voice and data tools and take voice functionality and productivity to the next level — making it even easier to secure and manage devices.


Capture data…don’t chase it

Capturing data should not require chasing after it. Save yourself the extra energy because Zebra offers a choice of two optional enterprise-class scan engines for the lightning fast capture of virtually any 1D/2D barcode — regardless of condition.

For scan-intensive 1D/2D applications, choose the SE4710 for faster-than-ever barcode capture. For light to moderate 1D/2D scanning, choose the SE4100. If all you really need is every-now-and-then barcode capture, the high resolution 13MP camera in the base model can do the job.


In service = guaranteed secure

Having cost-effective touch computers for small business that also work for big business is just one of the things that matter when considering a transition to mobile touch devices. It’s also important to invest in a device that you can keep in the hands of your workers for years to come. The TC21/TC26 offers the lifecycle you need. With Android 10 today, the TC21/26 provides built-in support for a future Android release. Plus, Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android (included with cost-effective Zebra OneCare SV Support Service) provides up to six years of security updates for Android — well beyond the typical three years of support provided by Google.


Demo and Pricing

If you’re considering low-cost mobile phones for your workers, Advanced Automation recommends stepping up to the business-class durable ZEBRA TC21/TC26 MOBILE COMPUTERs — without stepping up in price.

For more information, request a DEMO or a QUOTE today.

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